The average American woman is about 5’4 tall, and the average American male 5’10. Hence, anyone below 5’4 is considered short. This can be a term of endearment, or offensive. Regardless of your of preference, REAL SIZE BRIDE is here to strictly address wedding dresses for short women and some of the challenges they face. Personally, we say embrace your height…that is what high heels are for anyway!


wedding dresses for short women


Shorter women do not necessarily want short wedding gowns; rather they want the same styles and silhouettes available to them as to the rest of the world. Wedding dresses for short women need to compliment a tinier frame, and not engulf the body. If you are really petite and short, voluminous wedding dresses with long trains should be avoided or consider getting a chapel length gown opposed to a cathedral or royal length train.


long train wedding dresses


Cathedral length trains are about 7.5ft from the natural waistline; royal length trains can be over 9ft from the natural waistline! Certainly wedding dresses for short women can, and should have trains, we are just advising use caution, as the train will overpower you if it is too long. You are the bride to be, you deserve to be the center of attention, not your dress.


wedding dresses for short women


Plus size ball gowns also do not make the best wedding dresses for short women, because once again, you run the risk of getting engulfed in a gown, and your presence is diminished by the bulk. REAL SIZE BRIDE is not suggesting forgo your Cinderella look, simply because you are short, and say bye bye to feeling like a princess. Rather, if you are a short bride to be and insist on a plus size ball gown, consider getting a smaller petticoat or not wearing one at all. Petticoats are undergarments primarily worn under plus size ball gowns, to add volume to the bottom. Petticoats come in various sizes; be conscientious of how poufy your gown will be. 




Note that is rare, to find wedding dresses for short women unless you get it custom made. The overwhelming majority of wedding dresses are designed to fit a 5’9 bride to be, this does include heels. If you shorter, seamstresses will work their magic and cut off any additional material from the bottom so you don’t step all over your gown. It’s always imperative to bring shoes with you to your fittings, if you do not have the exact heels you will be wearing on your big day, at least bring a pair that is approximately the same height. This will help the seamstresses tremendously in determining how much needs to get cut off.


wedding dresses for short womens


Short brides to be, have no fear when wedding dress shopping. You can achieve any look you desire, just as well, if not better than your taller counterparts. Wedding dresses for short women need extra attention in terms of avoiding too lengthy, and too bulky gowns that take awareness away from you.

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